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Looking for the #1 Rubbish Removal Service in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs?

There is No Junk Removal Service that Comes Close to Being as Good as Same-Day Rubbish Removal. From First Contact, Right Through to When Your Waste is Recycled, You Can Trust Us to Have the Ultimate Service

With everything that is happening in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, finding a way to dispose of your junk is probably low on your list of things you’d like to do. However, it may be on high on your ‘to-do list’, which is why you’re reading this! You can have the best of both worlds — not having to deal with your junk, but also ticking it off your list. Same-Day Rubbish Removal are here to help you get the job done, in fact, we do everything for you.

Just give our friendly team a call, and we’ll be able to come and take away anything that you’d like gone today. We pride ourselves on offering the fastest and cheapest service in the Eastern Suburbs, and customers love how easy the whole process is. There’s no reason you should wait another day when you can have us take your rubbish away with one simple phone call. We’ve seen so many smiles come on customers’ faces when they see their homes and businesses junk free — this could be you too!


We’re Ready to Come and Clean Up Your Home or Business — There’s Nothing Better than a Clean Home!

Having junk lying around in your home can be quite a nuisance. Unless you like hoarding things, you’ve probably got items in or around your home that are still there only because you haven’t had the time or energy to find a way to get rid of them. When a washing machine dies or a couch breaks, it often gets moved to the garage or back deck wasting space. Sometimes, and particularly if you live in a small house, your rubbish can really get in the way by sitting in the hallway or other shared spaces. It’s not only you who has faced these situations, it happens to everyone!
There is one good thing about having rubbish in your home for a prolonged period of time — you’ll be extra happy when it is gone! You could instead bang your head on the wall and then stop, as it’s a similar kind of relief. We don’t think there should be any reason that Melbourne Eastern Suburbs residents should have to live with extra rubbish in their life, which is why we offer fast, easy and affordable service — call our team now on 
0435 587 877.

A Rubbish Removal Review from One of Our Customers:

"Great price very easy to book phoned them up out they came quoted me a good price they were loaded and gone in 20 minutes."

5/ 5
— happy customer

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We don’t like to waste people’s time or money, which is why we offer fast and cheap service. East Melbourne customers love how fast we’re able to clean up their junk, and love that we don’t charge them a fortune for doing so. Give us a call if you need hard rubbish removal!

Same-Day Rubbish Removal
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Waste Removed Annually
Bamboo Toothbrushes



Everything these days seems to come in plastic packaging, some shops will even peel bananas and put them into plastic! You would have seen this sort of thing yourself. Fortunately some shops are starting to do better, and there’s usually at least an option. Bring your own reusable bag and select from the unpackaged produce.


It’s been great to see the majority of shops have started to avoid handing out plastic bags to every customer free of charge, as plastic bags have caused huge problems for the environment. Unfortunately a lot of people are still in the habit of taking plastic bags and just paying the 15c for it. These new bags are a thicker, less biodegradable plastic, we should be avoiding these bags more than the old.


Over the last few decades, plastic has been used in everything, to the point now that it’s hard to buy many products that don’t make use of plastic. Some companies are trying to help the environment by producing products such as toothbrushes, straws, shavers, cups, etc, that offer the convenience that people love about these products, but without the plastic. Get on board!

Say Goodbye to Your Rubbish and Hello to a Clean Melbourne East Home

If you’re looking for an affordable rubbish removal solution that you don’t have to wait a long time for, you’ll love Same-Day Rubbbish Removal. You’ll hardly have to wait at all, and you won’t believe how cheap our service is. Our friendly team have been working hard over the last 15 years, refining our service so that it is near perfect. Our customers really love the service and always call us back if they’ve ever got junk to dispose of again. We never leave a job if it isn’t 100% complete and our customer is completely satisfied. If you’re looking for a quality rubbish removal service in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, give our friendly team a call now!

The Environmentally Friendly Rubbish Removalists

We know that East Melbourne residents are concerned about the protection of the environment like we are. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard for Melbourne residents to find an ethical way of disposing of their old junk in an affordable way. It doesn’t make much sense to pay a whole lot of money to get rid of your stuff, but unfortunately it’s something that everyone has to deal with. While we’ve done whatever we can to keep costs as low as possible, we’ve also been able to maximise the amount of junk that we recycle. There are a number of great recycling centres scattered across Melbourne, and we frequently pay them visits. We know what can be recycled at each location and will sort your junk accordingly on pickup. Don’t risk your recyclable items going to landfill, contact Same-Day Rubbish Removal today.

Taking All Types of Rubbish from Melbourne East & Beyond

Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs cover quite a large area, and there’s more than enough domestic hard rubbish for us to collect and keep us busy 24/7. However, with popular demand, our team decided that we don’t want to limit our service, but expand and offer it for all Melbourne residents. It doesn’t matter where you are or what junk you have, our team are ready to help. Common items include couches, beds and broken fridges, as these aren’t easy for anyone to be able to remove. We go from the Mornington Peninsula right around to West Melbourne, and can go all the way to outer Melbourne suburbs. Give our friendly team a call now on 0435 587 877.


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