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Looking for a Fast & Affordable Rubbish Removal Solution in Sunbury?

Don’t Settle for a Second Rate Rubbish Removal Service at a High Price. Call Our Friendly and Experienced Team for the #1 Rubbish Removal Service in Sunbury and Get an Unbelievably Low Price.

At Same-Day Rubbish Removal, we do whatever we can to make our customers happy. If that means providing fast, same day service to your Sunbury property, we’ll have no trouble fulfilling your request. Better still, we offer the cheapest prices in the area, so you’ll be so glad you gave us a call when you receive a super cheap quote. Compared to alternate rubbish disposal solutions in Sunbury, our team do everything for you. If you were to take junk to the nearest tip, you’d be facing a heap of work and extra costs. If you were to hire a skip bin, you’d still be facing a heap of work of loading your junk into the bin and then you’ll be paying a lot more for the multiple trips the company would have to make to drop off and pick up your junk.

With our service, everything is done in the one trip and you don’t have to do any work. Since our team do a lot of heavy lifting every day, we can load your junk into our truck really quickly, which means it’s cheaper for us to do the work than wait for our customers do it. This means they can sit back and relax while we do all the work, all our customers need to do is direct us to what items need to be taken away. Doing everything in the one trip means we can save you a heap of money too, which everyone loves to do. Just give us a call and you’ll see why our service is unbeatable.


The Team at Same-Day Rubbish Removal Can Take Away All of Your Rubbish for the Best Price.

While Sunbury is a significant distance from Melbourne’s CBD, and has enough residents to be its own town, the area is recognized as one of Melbourne’s many suburbs. With over 36,000 residents, there’s plenty of work to go around and keep our team busy taking away rubbish. It’s a big task to be able to help all Melbourne residents with their rubbish when they need it, which is why we can’t get away with just the one truck and team. Over the past 15+ years that we’ve been in business, we’ve had to expand our service to be able to cater for many areas, not just one suburb in Melbourne. We’re always ready to help, so just give us a call today!

Our service is unbeatable in more ways than just price and speed. We try to be as responsible as possible when disposing of peoples rubbish, which is why whenever we can, we take rubbish to recycling centres instead of just sending it to landfill. When we collect junk from your Sunbury property, we’ll sort items into various categories so that they can be taken to the best place for recycling. When we recycle junk instead of sending it to landfill, we usually save money and we pass the savings on to you. Call us now on 0435 587 877.

A Rubbish Removal Review from One of Our Customers:

"Guys were great today, left the place spotless. I highly recommend their service!"

5/ 5
— happy customer

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We provide our customers with only the best service. Whatever your rubbish removal needs are, our team will be sure to do the exact work you need, exactly when you need it and do so for a great price.

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Green Waste in Sunbury

3 Common Services We Provide in Sunbury


As much as we’d prefer to not have to dispose of large items like old furniture, these items all get to a point where they’re no longer wanted by anyone and there’s nothing else that can be done with them except dispose of them. Fortunately, we have some great recycling centres in Melbourne and whenever we can we’ll take your old or broken furniture there so that the materials in your furniture can be used again.


There are plenty of items that can be included within garden waste. Whether your Sunbury home has a heap of trees or a messy garden overrun with weeds, at some point when you have a cleanup, you’re going to have a heap of green waste to dispose of. You may have unwanted old furniture, bricks, rocks, or other items and our team are able to take these for you too. Just give our team a call and we’ll come take all your junk away.


White goods can be one of the most annoying items to have to dispose of, as they can be extremely heavy, large and difficult to remove. You likely don’t have a car that can fit an old washing machine or fridge in it, which may be why you’re interested in our service. We do white good removal in Sunbury and across Melbourne all the time and our customers love our affordable prices and fast service.

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Call Us for Fast Sunbury Service

You may not have decided yet whether you need our rubbish removal service to help clean up your Sunbury property, but if you spoke to some of our previous customers, we think you’d be quickly convinced. We’re often told how relieved they are when they get a quote that is affordable, unlike the many other services they’ve looked at previously. We’re often told how much they appreciate the fast service that we provide, as customers don’t often expect that we can actually come to them on the same day. There are many other reasons we thik you’ll love our service, so give us a call today and speak to our friendly team.

Any Size or Type of Rubbish in Sunbury

Our friendly and experienced team have been doing rubbish removals for Australian residents for over 15 years, and in that time there has never been a rubbish removal job too hard for our team to complete. Whether you’ve got an old washing machine, broken couch or lounge, or any other large items that are difficult to dispose of yourself, even if it’s a pile of scraps from a renovation, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help you clean up. Our trucks have a huge capacity and can almost certainly take all of your junk away quickly.

We Can Service Anywhere Melbourne Area South of Sunbury

At Same-Day Rubbish Removal, we pride ourselves on the fast and affordable service that we provide to all Melbourne areas, not just Sunbury and surrounds. Whether you’re on the other side of Melbourne, right down in Werribee, the CBD, or the Mornington area, we have a team nearby and ready to come and help you with your rubbish problems. There’s really no need to wait any longer, as it only takes a simple phone call and our team will be on our way to you almost immediately. Pick up your phone and call our friendly team now on 0435 587 877 — we can’t wait to help you!


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