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Don't Panic — Get Pakenham's #1 Rubbish Removal Service to Help

You Won’t Find a More Convenient or Affordable Service than Same-Day Rubbish Removal. Our Experienced Team Are Ready for Any Rubbish Removal Job that They’re Given — We’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

There’s no better way to have your rubbish removal done in Pakenham than by having our friendly team do it for you. Why would you want to waste a heap of time and money on trying to do it yourself with a skip bin or hiring a trailer? We literally do all the work for you and can get the job done faster than anyone else. You may think that service this good would cost a fortune, however, it doesn’t — when everything is added up, there’s no cheaper option!

In addition to offering the fastest & cheapest rubbish removal option in Pakenham, Same-Day Rubbish Removal are proud of our eco-friendly initiatives of trying to recycle as much junk as possible. It’d be easy to lump everything together and take it to the nearest landfill and pass on the cost to our customers. However, we choose to take rubbish to an appropriate recycling facility which helps save the environment and also saves you money.


There’s Nothing Quite Like Our Comprehensive Rubbish Removal Service, You’ll Be Wishing You’d Called Us Sooner.

Pakenham is one of Melbourne’s largest suburbs with almost 50,000 residents – around the same size as the coastal city of Port Macquarie. There’d be more than enough rubbish removal work here alone for most rubbish removal companies, but not Same-Day Rubbish Removal! Our efficient methods allow us to do more jobs in a shorter amount of time, meaning that we can service many more people than the average junk disposal service. Instead of dropping off a skip bin or trailer for people to fill over days, weeks or even months, we can use our truck trays a heap of times each day.

As one of the fastest growing suburbs in Melbourne, Pakenham is also one of the largest waste producers as building sites produce a whole lot of scraps and garbage, and when shifting homes and businesses, there’s also a fair bit of unwanted stuff that needs disposal. Whatever situation you’re in, our friendly and experienced team can come to your Pakenham home or business promptly. All you need to do for our amazing value service is to accept our free quote by calling us now on 0435 587 877 – you’ll be wishing you’d done so a long time ago.

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"Excellent, reliable service and good prices will definitely use again!"

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You’ll definitely want to use our service again. We’re sure that you’re going to love how easy, fast and affordable Same-Day Rubbish Removal is, and like most customers, the next time you have rubbish to dispose of you’ll want to call our friendly team.

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Waste Removed Annually
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3 Ways to 'Pack' and Send Away Your Rubbish


While not possible for all rubbish amounts, a common solution that people try for removing their junk is to split into small amounts and use it to fill their bin each week for as long as it takes to disappear. Some people even try to be sneaky and fill up their neighbours’ bins too! We don’t recommend this, particularly if it is the landfill bin that you’re using.


There are a number of options in Pakenham for hiring a skip bin or trailer, however, both of these options have some big problems. Firstly, you have to pack and hand load all of your junk by yourself, and secondly they’re quite expensive to hire, particularly for extended periods of time. If only there were an option that got the job done quickly, affordably, and did all the work for you


With Same-Day Rubbish Removal, we do all of the packing and hand loading ourselves, you don’t even have to lift a finger. There couldn’t be a better way to get the job done than having someone else do the work, a lot faster, and at a very affordable price. If this sounds like a good idea to you, give our friendly and experienced team a call today.

Pakenham’s Best Rubbish Removal Service — We Pack Our Trucks by Hand

There are a lot of things that make Pakenham a great place to call home, which is why so many people choose to live here. With access to one of Melbourne’s major train lines, there’s easy access to the city, while having more affordable housing available than what is available near the City Centre. Several shopping centres and all the services you need, mean you don’t even need to travel far to get all the necessities you may need. One of the great services offered in Pakenham is our service, Same-Day Rubbish Removal, where we can come and take away all your junk quickly and affordably.

The Best All-Round Junk Disposal Service in Pakenham

While our team have a lot to be proud of with our super fast, very affordable, and extremely easy service, there are a few other things that make us different in a good way. All of our workers are super friendly and helpful, we’re happy to answer any questions at any time and you’ll probably want them to stay longer and have a chat. We do have to keep moving though, as our work doesn’t end after collection. We then take your junk to an appropriate recycling facility where your rubbish can be disposed of responsibly instead of just sitting in landfill. Don’t let your junk be disposed of irresponsibly, get our team to collect and have it recycled today.

We Service All Areas in Melbourne

If you’re not located in Pakenham and are in need of a quality rubbish removal service, don’t worry, we can come to your home or business too. With trucks and teams of workers scattered across Melbourne, we’re never too far away from you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re right down on the Mornington Peninsula, further north in the Eastern Suburbs, up in the Northern Suburbs, or right around in Werribee, we cover all these areas and in between. Whether you’ve got e-waste from an office in the city or general waste from a home in the suburbs, give our friendly and experienced team a call today on 0435 587 877.


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