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Need an Affordable Rubbish Removal Service in Melbourne's Western Suburbs?

For a Professional Rubbish Removal Solution at an Affordable Price, There’s No Other Service Like Same-Day Rubbish Removal. All You Have to Do is Call Us, Accept Our Quote, and Say Goodbye to Your Rubbish. It Couldn’t Get Any Easier

Melbourne’s Western Suburbs keep growing and growing, and sometimes there’s just not enough services to cover the needs of the new population. At Same-Day Rubbish Removal, we’ve tried to stay ahead of the growth, as wherever there is construction going on, there’s usually plenty of work we need to do. Whether you’re shifting house or office space, or building something yourself, there’s more than likely going to be junk that won’t fit into your everyday curbside bin. We can dispose of your extra stuff quickly and affordably, so give us a call today.

Rubbish Removal couldn’t get any easier than having our team do it for you. It doesn’t matter where your junk is, how big it is, or how much of it there is, we’re ready to come and get it today. With almost two decades of experience under our belts, we’re super efficient and able to complete jobs really quickly and do so without charging our customers an arm or a leg. It usually works out much cheaper than hiring a skip bin and it certainly beats having to take your junk to the nearest waste facility yourself.


You Won’t Find Such a Great Service at Such a Low Price Anywhere Else in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

Melbourne’s Western Suburbs are home to both some of the oldest landmarks in Melbourne and some of the newest housing areas. With well over half a million residents and expanding, the area covers Inner-Western Suburbs such as Seddon which is only 6km out of Melbourne’s City Centre, all the way out to suburbs beyond Werribee. Fortunately, Same-Day Rubbish Removal can go to anywhere in Melbourne’s West, so there’s no need to hang on to your rubbish any longer. If you’ve got something that is broken or no longer used and is just cluttering up your space, give our friendly team a call today.

We can only think of two reasons as to why you might delay in calling for our amazing service. The first reason being that you’re expecting to accumulate more rubbish in the near future, and you’ll be able to put up with the current items until then. The second is that you’re a hoarder and don’t want to say goodbye to your things. Whichever category you fit into, we highly recommend you at least talk to one of our friendly team. Our service is completely affordable and we’re sure that you’ll be so happy to have all your rubbish removed from your home. Call us now on 0435 587 877.

A Rubbish Removal Review from One of Our Customers:

"Great service friendly staff! I had the team arrive on the same day I booked which was really convenient for me. The service was hassle free and fairly priced. I would recommend this business to anyone with rubbish that needs removing."

5/ 5
— happy customer

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You won’t find a more convenient rubbish removal service than ours. We do everything with our customer in mind, and never like to leave a job until you’re completely satisfied with the work that we’ve done.

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With an expanding population and constant housing construction happening in the area, there’s always building scraps that need to be disposed of. While many sites will have a skip bin on site, a lot of people now opt for a more affordable option like Same-Day Rubbish Removal.


Whenever people shift house, there tends to be a heap of stuff that either won’t fit into the new place, or they decide that they’d like to start fresh. Common items include lounge suites, white goods, and boxes of all sorts of random stuff. When you get your furniture removalist, why not get a rubbish removalist too!


It’s a pretty common item for our team to collect just about anywhere in fact, and they certainly keep us busy in the Western Suburbs too. Whether you’re closer to the CBD or out past Caroline Springs, if you have an old set of couches or sofas that need removing, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.

Clear Away All Your Rubbish from Your Western Suburbs Home or Business the Easy Way

Unfortunately, the thought of having to clean up and find a way to dispose of old junk causes stress to a lot of people. It can be stressful trying to work out a way to just move the stuff if you have no one to help. It can be stressful trying to find the time to remove the junk yourself as there can be a whole lot of things involved. It can also be stressful thinking about how much it may cost, whether you do it yourself, or have someone else do it. Fortunately, Same-Day Rubbish Removal provide an easy, stress-free affordable solution for residents in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. You’ll be wishing you had found us sooner!

We Dispose of Your Rubbish Responsibly

There is a wide variety of ways that you can dispose of your waste. Ranging from completely irresponsible by illegally dumping it in a pristine environment through to having every last piece recycled. Unfortunately, a lot of the solutions available to Western Suburbs residents aren’t the most responsible. Some companies are lazy and will not sort through items and just send them straight to landfill. Solutions such as skip bins are just one big garbage bin that no one is going to sort out recycling for you. There’s only two options that you can trust, the first is sorting out junk yourself and taking the various items to the appropriate recycling facilities. The second option is to have us do all of that for you. If you value your time at all, you’ll find that hiring Same-Day Rubbish Removal will pay for itself over and over.

We Service More than Just Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

You read that heading correctly, despite giving our full attention to customers in Melbourne’s West, we also give our full attention to customers right across Melbourne. We can do this by having multiple trucks and teams running in several locations across Melbourne. You don’t have to be in the Western Suburbs for fast service, you can be in a City Centre area such as Carlton, in the Eastern Suburbs, or down on the Mornington Peninsula. We pride ourselves on offering the best service in all of Melbourne so if you’re ready for us, give our friendly and experienced team a call now on 0435 587 877.


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