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Where do You Get Werribee's Fastest & Cheapest Rubbish Removal?

Same-Day Rubbish Removal Have the Best Value Rubbish Removal Service in Werribee and Across Melbourne. We’re Ready to Come and Help You Clean Up Your Home and Business by Taking Away All Your Junk.

Same-Day Rubbish Removal is a service where you can get all the work done for you without having to pay a fortune. Our friendly team can come to your Werribee home or business and load by hand all of your junk into our truck, taking it away and disposing of it all right away. You don’t have to wait for weeks while you fill a skip or trailer, we can get it all done for you wherever you are in Werribee or around Melbourne.

There are more reasons than being the fastest, cheapest and easiest that make us the best service in Werribee. Our dedication to eco-friendly disposal is something we’re really proud of, as we always try to dispose of your junk in the most environmentally responsible way. This means we don’t just carelessly take everything to the nearest landfill site, we sort things as we load them onto our truck for quick drop off at the nearest recycling centre.


It’s Not Possible for There to Be An Easier Rubbish Removal Solution Than Same-Day Rubbish Removal.

Located in the South-West corner of Melbourne, Werribee is almost a separate city as you have to pass by a fair bit of farmland to get there when coming from Melbourne’s City Centre. As Melbourne continues to expand, Werribee and surrounding areas are expected to continue to grow at a significant rate into the future, as there’s more usable land around here than in many parts of the city. With a growing population, construction, and relocation of families and businesses, there is plenty of rubbish being produced in Werribee now and unfortunately will continue to be into the future, which is why our team are here to help.

Same-Day Rubbish Removal offers a rubbish removal that is easier than anything else by far. Instead of having to load up a skip bin or trailer by yourself (which can take weeks or even months), our team do all the heavy lifting and shifting while you can sit back and relax. We find this works best for everyone – since we do this every day, we’re a lot faster than most, which means we can charge less for our service. Don’t pay more so that you have more work to do, give our friendly & experienced team a call now on 0435 587 877.

A Rubbish Removal Review from One of Our Customers:

"Nice job they came on the same day and hassle free easy to deal with."

5/ 5
— happy customer

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You’ll wish that you had called our team sooner. Don’t wait until your junk pile is an unmanageable size, get it all cleared away today. Our friendly and experienced team are ready to come to your Werribee property and take away all your rubbish.

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3 Places Where We Collect Rubbish in Werribee


It doesn’t make sense to us, but a lot of people use their garages and sheds as a dumping ground for all of their unwanted stuff. It’s not uncommon for people to start parking their car on the street because they run out of room in the garage from their piles of junk. If you’re in a situation like this, we’d recommend sorting items into the last time you used it — if you haven’t used it in the past year, put it in the pile for Same-Day Rubbish Removal to collect.


There are two main approaches people take when trying to deal with their rubbish problem, either hiding it away so nobody sees it, or putting it on display so that they’re reminded that they need to deal with it. Wherever it is on your property, from the front nature strip to hidden under the house, direct our team to it and we’ll be able to load it into our trucks in no time.


Another popular spot for people to store their rubbish is right in the main shared spaces of a house or office. Nobody wants to use their own personal space for storing junk so it ends up in a place that everyone has to step around it or look at it. At your workplace, you may find e-waste or furniture stored in the main walkways in the office or tucked away in the corner. Get rid of it today by calling our friendly and experienced team.

You’ll Love Same-Day Rubbish Removal’s Work at Your Werribee Home or Business

While Werribbe has a lot of great things going for it, including a range of shops and services, there’s no business quite like Same-Day Rubbish Removal when it comes to value for money and customer service. Our friendly and experienced team can get your rubbish removed faster than any other way and at a better price too. You’ll love how easy it is too, as we do everything for you while you can continue doing whatever it is you’d prefer to be doing. There’s no reason to do rubbish removal work yourself if we’re available, and fortunately we are!

We Can Remove Any Type of Rubbish — We’ve Seen it All Before

We’re often asked “Can you take away this?” or “Can you dispose of that?”, and our answer is always yes. We’ve been working in the rubbish removal industry for over 15 years and in that time there’s been no job too hard for our team to handle. We’ve got all the tools and equipment needed to get all of your stuff loaded into our truck quickly and safely. Whether you’ve got a fridge, freezer, couch, or washing machine that can’t fit into your car or curbside bin, we specialise in removing ‘hard to remove’ items. Think you’ve got a challenge for us? We look forward to your call.

Werribee Isn’t the Only Place Where We Service

At Same-Day Rubbish Removal, we’re not exclusive to the Werribee area of Melbourne’s West. In fact, we’ll go to all locations across Melbourne, right around and down to the Mornington Peninsula. Whether you’re in the City Center or on the outskirts, we’ve got a truck and workers close by ready to come to you. We frequently find ourselves doing jobs out in Pakenham, closer to the city around Frankston, at Southbank in the CBD, and all over the Western Suburbs. Don’t let your rubbish become more of a problem by accumulating and having rats and cockroaches make a home, call our team now on 0435 587 877.


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