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Our Friendly and Experienced Team has Helped Countless Families Clean Up and Remove Items from Deceased Estates. Old Furniture Appliances, Beds, Garden Waste, Building Materials, You Name It, Our Team Can Dispose of All Unwanted Items Today.

No one enjoys cleaning up a deceased estate, especially if it is that of a loved one. There can be so much stuff that you don’t know what to do with, and there may be some sentimental attachment to these items too. Many elderly people know how to live simply, furniture may have been broken and fixed countless times, and appliances may only half work. These sort of large items often go unwanted and can be problematic to remove or dispose of. There’s no need to let a deceased estate cause any stress when you can call Same-Day Rubbish Removal. Our friendly team will take all unwanted items away promptly, being respectful of items, and make sure they get reused, recycled or disposed of appropriately.

We’ve heard horror stories of rubbish disposal companies disrespectfully hauling loved ones items away, half trashing the home and charging a fortune for it while sending everything to landfill. Our team treat your property much better than this and our prices are very affordable. You’ll be able to relax and have peace of mind knowing that any unwanted items that you’d like taken away will be dealt with responsibly and not just dumped.


Don’t Lose Sleep Over a House that Needs to be Emptied, Call Our Friendly and Experienced Team for Fast Deceased Estate Clean Ups

There are a number of reasons why getting help in cleaning up a deceased estate is a good idea. Often there can be time constraints, with family members needing to get back to work or needing to have the home cleaned so that it can be sold. There can be heavy items like old washing machines, lounges and couches, beds & mattresses, and other large items that can be quite difficult to remove yourself. Furniture and appliances aren’t made the way they used to be, they’re usually much lighter these days. Deceased estates usually need multiple workers and the right transportation to take away all unwanted items, trying to do all this yourself could take much longer than you have to do it.

It can also be hard to say goodbye to your loved one’s items, particularly if you have to take items to a recycling centre or tip. With Same-Day Rubbish Removal, not only will we do all the heavy lifting and shifting, our team will be sure that all unwanted items are disposed in the best way possible. Whether they find new homes, get recycled, or are taken to landfill, you can be sure that whatever it is we’ll go with the most environmentally responsible option possible.

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You’ll love our deceased estate rubbish removal service. We’ll be able to have any deceased estate property cleaned up looking amazing, you just need to give our team a call.

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3 Common Items We Remove from Deceased Estates


While many old appliances and white goods like refrigerators last a lot longer than modern built ones, these are items that are usually discarded at deceased estate clean ups. There’s not usually any sentimental value place on items like these, as everyone would much prefer a nice new machine. There can often be issues with machines that previous residents got used to and managed to work with, however, friends or family members probably already have their own appliance of this type and don’t want a half working one.


Due to the way we now live, some items of furniture are no longer produced. Closed in TV cabinets no longer fit the large displays we now have, sewing desks and pedal powered sewing machines are hardly used, and phone seats/desks (see image) are no longer needed for talking on the phone. There are many furniture items like these that aren’t wanted by anyone and our team often take these away for recycling.


Deceased estates often contain a heap of smaller items that many people would consider clutter. It can be hard to throw away love ones’ items that you know were special to them, but they may be nothing but clutter if you were to take them to your home. WIth our service, you’re able to just take all the items that you want and then we can take the rest. Just give our team of rubbish removal experts a call today.

We Offer the Best Value Deceased Estate Clean Up Service in Melbourne

Our friendly rubbish removal team have been cleaning up deceased estates for over 15 years, and we’ve seen just about everything in that time. There have been no jobs that we haven’t been able to fully complete, as our experienced workers can lift and shift just about anything and take it away in our trucks for recycling or disposal. Whatever it is that you need to dispose of, our team can take it. Washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, beds, mattresses, tables, couches, you name it – our team can take it.

Deceased Estate Cleanup Anywhere in Melbourne

Our friendly and experienced rubbish removal team are able to come promptly to your location wherever you are in Melbourne. We’ve got trucks and teams of workers ready to go in several locations across Melbourne so that you don’t have to wait. Whether you’re in Point Cook in Melbourne’s West, north of the city in Bundoora, or south past Frankston, we’ve got a team ready to go nearby all these places and in between. Just pick up your phone and call our friendly team of waste disposal experts today.


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