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Our Team Specialise in Removing Items Including Ovens, Dishwashers & Other Large Items. There’s No White Good or Appliance Too Hard for Same-Day Rubbish Removal to Dispose Of.

Our friendly and experienced team here at Same-Day Rubbish Removal have been picking up and removing white goods and kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, range hoods, cooktops, microwaves and more from Melbourne homes for quite some time. There has never been a job too hard for our team, so you can be sure that we’ll be able to help you clean up and remove whatever it is that you need to remove. With 15+ years experience in the industry, there’s no reason why you should wait – give our friendly team a call today!

We know how annoying it is when white goods and appliances break down unexpectedly. While you can get them repaired, you’ll be looking at $100+ just for someone to take a look at it. If there’s a serious problem, ompanies may charge you more to fix the item that it may cost to buy a new one. We wish this weren’t the case, as we think there is way too much waste in the world already. Our team will dispose of your junk in the most responsible way so that it doesn’t become a problem for the environment.


Don’t Let Your Old White Goods Cause Problems, Call Our Friendly and Experienced Team for Stress-Free Service.

Dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and other kitchen appliances are used by most of us almost every day. If you don’t do a lot of cooking, you may get away without an oven or even a dishwasher for a while. The more you use these appliances, the more likely they are to wear out and stop working. If you’ve overworked yours and it has broken down, you’ve probably already taken steps to have it replaced. While these probably aren’t the largest items in your home, they’re still not the kind of thing you want to have sitting in your garage for a long time.

It doesn’t matter what kind of junk you have at your Melbourne home, as our team can take away literally anything. Dishwashers and ovens make up just a small percentage of items that collect every day. Cooktops, range hoods, fridges, freezers, and smaller appliances are some of the many kitchen items that we frequently take away. We also collect a large amount of furniture like couches, beds, tables and chairs. Whatever it is that you have that needs to be removed and you could do with some help, give our team a call on
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You won’t find a better solution for disposing of your old dishwasher or oven. Our affordable rates and prompt service is the reason why our Melbourne customers love us.

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3 Common Kitchen White Goods that Break


There are a heap of things that can go wrong with your oven, while they may not always completely break, some common problems can drive you crazy. Temperature problems are very common, where your temperature dial doesn’t match what the oven heats to. Having a separate oven thermometer may help with this. Broken doors/seals where your oven starts heating the hous can also be a problem. An electrical fault can also cause ovens to completely stop.


Dishwashers can be a nightmare when things start going wrong. Common problems we’ve come across include the dishes not cleaning properly, water leaking on floor, water not draining properly, making lots of noise, or doesn’t even turn on. If you’ve got multiple problems, it may be time to consider a new one. Have our friendly team take away your old one today.


Microwaves are quite handy for heating a meal quickly, but they can be quite an inconvenience when they’re not working. There are a number of ways you can destroy your microwave, such as leaving a fork in there while you’re cooking. Whether your microwave isn’t heating or doesn’t turn on, our team can take it away and any other junk that you have quickly and affordably. Give our friendly team a call!

Melbourne’s #1 Dishwasher, Oven & Appliance Removal Service

Our experienced team have been doing white good, appliance, and general rubbish removal for over 15 years and we’ve never been called out to a job that we couldn’t complete. Whatever your situation is and whatever junk you’ve got to get rid of, our team will be able to help and we won’t charge a fortune! All you have to do is tell us what needs disposing of, where it is, and we’ll do the rest. Where possible, we’ll make sure your junk gets recycled too for your peace of mind – it’s not going to sit in landfill!

We Service All Melbourne Areas

It doesn’t matter where you’re located in Melbourne, our team of rubbish removal professionals are ready to assist you in your junk cleanup. We’ve got multiple trucks and workers scattered across the city, ready to take your call. We know where all the best recycling centres are, so we can quickly and efficiently take your stuff away for recycling while providing you with the best possible rubbish removal rates. There’s no reason why you should wait — give Same-Day Rubbish Removal a call today!


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