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If You’ve Got a Garage Full of Junk and You’d Like to Get Back Some Space, You Need a Visit from Our Friendly Team. Our Friendly and Experienced Team are Able to Take Away Any Items that You want Removed, from Small Objects to Large Appliances, We Can Have Your Garage Emptied of Junk Promptly.

There’s one place that almost every home uses for junk storage (other than the curbside bins), and that is the garage. When something breaks down, or is just not wanted in the house, it often gets taken out to the garage and stacked on a shelf. Items can sit there for years and years and often be forgotten about having other items placed on top. We’ve seen it plenty of times that a garage gets so full that it can no longer be used for its primary purpose – storing your car. If you can no longer get your car in your garage, you need to give us a call now!

There’s a good chance that many of the items in your garage are still good, but unused and just collecting dust. For this reason, you may be apprehensive to just throw it all away, because it seems like such a waste, however, our team do whatever we can to responsibly dispose of your items. We’ve seen so much rubbish go to landfill over the years and we’re in full support of recyling systems and waste avoidance schemes. When we collect items, we sort it into various types as we load our truck and deliver items to the appropriate recycling or disposal centre.


Don’t Lose Sleep Over a Garage that Can No Longer Hold Your Car, Call Our Friendly and Experienced Team for Fast Garage Clear Outs

We’ve collected a heap of different items from garages over the years and while we’ve had to use multiple trucks at times, there’s never been a job too hard for our experienced workers to handle. Some people pile up their old heavy appliances, furniture, and even piles of rubbish bags that haven’t been able to fit into their curbside bin. You may be able to make more space by purchasing extra shelving and organising your items, however, when you do have a clean up in your garage, you’re more than likely to find a heap of items that you no longer need and you’ll still likely need our service.

If you have a clean garage and can’t resonate with some of the situations that we’ve mentioned regarding messy garages, chances are you have a shed. Instead of cleaning up your garage, you quite likely have a shed that is the destination of unwanted items in your home. Same-Day Rubbish Removal can take away anything for you, from anywhere, so if it is a shed in your backyard that needs to be cleaned up, our team are ready to help you with that too. All you need to do is direct our team to which items need to go, and we’ll be able to lift, shift, and hand load them into our truck for same day removal. Give us a call now on 0435 587 877.

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You’ll love our garage & shed clean up service. Our team can take away many years of junk that has piled up in your garage today so that you can enjoy full garage function again – just give our team a call.

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3 Items We Often Find in Garages


Cardboard boxes are great for storing things, and we find that many people use many boxes for this purpose, however, they often put rubbish in them and let them sit in their garage for years. Whether it is a pile up of news papers, general paper waste, various unwanted trinkets from around the house, or broken technology, these boxes full of stuff can be ignored and just piled up, until a second row of boxes starts, and another and another until the garage is too full.


Garages are great spaces for storing large items, like cars, as they’re designed to do. However, they’re also good at storing large appliances like fridges, freezers and washing machines. Unfortunately, they’re often not good at storing both. When someone has a refrigerator die, it often gets moved to the garage once a replacement is found. For small garages there may no longer be room for your car, and items will continue to build up around the old fridge, making the garage feel very cluttered.


With the huge amount of cheap furniture produced these days, it is no surprise that people frequently purchase new items, putting their old pieces of furniture aside. The living areas of a home don’t usually have the space to store old items, so they’ll usually end up in the garage. All it takes is a set of couches, a table, or a bed frame, and your garage may seem cluttered and unable to serve the function of holding a car. Call our team today and we’ll come take away all the clutter in your garage.

We Can Take Away All Your Garage Junk for the Best Price in Melbourne

Our experienced team are cleaning out garages of junk almost every day. We’ve completed thousands of rubbish removal jobs over the last 15 years of business and a lot of this rubbish has come from peoples garages. There’s never been anything that we haven’t been able to remove – if you can fit the item in your garage, we’ll be able to take it away on our truck. Whether you’ve got an old fridge, freezer, washing machine or clothes dryer, it will be light work for our team to load it up into our truck and take it away for recycling. We can even do whole house cleanouts for deceased estates, there’s no job too hard.

Garage Cleanups in All Melbourne Areas

We’re not just a one person team serving one suburb of Melbourne – we’ve got several trucks and teams scattered across Melbourne, ready to come to you when you call. Whether you’re in a suburb near the centre of Melbourne like St Kilda, or in an outer suburb like Craigieburn, we have a team near you who are looking forward to helping you clean up. All you need to do to get your garage looking spotless, is pick up your mobile and call us now on 0435 587 877.


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