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Are You in Search of the Cheapest Rubbish Removal Solution in Craigieburn?

For the Best Value, All-Round Amazing, Junk Disposal Service, You Need Same-Day Rubbish Removal. We’ve Been Doing Rubbish Removal for Over 15 Years Which is Why We Have the Best Quality Service and Can Offer Such Great Value.

Our friendly and experienced team are able to offer such fast service in Craigieburn at an unbeatable price for several reasons. We make your life easier by doing all the lifting and moving of your rubbish for you, which in turn makes the whole process faster. Getting the job done in a smaller amount of time means that we can charge less, as time equals money in our minds. We’ve got multiple trucks and teams ready to come to you wherever you are, so you don’t have to wait.

Another factor that can help us bring down the cost, is that wherever possible, we try to take everything to the nearest recycling centre to your Craigieburn location. While we can’t usually make money off old materials, a lot of places will accept the right type of junk for less than a landfill site. While this is a great thing for you by getting your rubbish removal done at a great price, it’s also a great thing for the environment which is something we’re concerned about. We’ve seen so much rubbish in our time that we’d be heartless to not have had it impact us. Call us so that your rubbish can be disposed of responsibly.


Same-Day Rubbish Removal Can Take Away All of Your Junk Cheaper Than Anyone Else.

As one of Melbourne’s largest suburbs, Craigieburn is almost its own city. With large shopping centres like Craigieburn Central, all sorts of available services, and even a golf course, for many residents, there’s no need to ever travel too far. With farmland to the North, East and West, it’s a great place to live if you’d like more of a rural feel while still having easy access to Melbourne’s City Centre. Better than anything else, we think that our junk disposal service should be known by all — if you need Same-Day Rubbish Removal, give our friendly team a call today.

As our name implies, when you’re in need of a rubbish removal solution and you contact our team, we’ll come and collect everything the same day. Additionally, the level of service you get at such a low price is almost unheard of, and Craigieburn residents who know about us certainly like to make the most of our offerings. Being on the outskirts of Melbourne, there is room for the population to continue expanding, and that is exactly what it’s doing. We often find ourselves collecting rubbish and scraps from building sites. If you’ve got junk that needs to go, call us now on 0435 587 877.

A Rubbish Removal Review from One of Our Customers:

"These guys moved 3 truckloads of my Mum's accumulated junk in an afternoon. They are a hardworking and personable crew. Happy to recommended."

5/ 5
— happy customer

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We never let our customers down. Our customers always come first — we never leave a property until we know that our customer is completely happy with the work that we’ve done and there’s not a speck of rubbish left lying around.

Same-Day Rubbish Removal
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Waste Removed Annually
Burning Rubbish Craigieburn

3 Craigieburn Junk Items that Burn


We always find it a bit sad collecting wooden items as rubbish, either because the wood seems too good to throw away, or usually because it’s poor quality wood that has broken and doesn’t have much use. It’s a good idea to throw away wood if it was otherwise going to sit around unused, as it can be a fire hazard – toxic chemicals and wood both usually burn quite well!


When you think of ‘green waste’, you likely imagine green foliage that has been recently chopped off a tree. However, green waste includes a lot more than just that, any organic waste that can be composted is included, which is actually a wide range of items. Large pieces of wood, or any green waste when dried, burns remarkably well! Get rid of your pile of green waste today by having Same-Day Rubbish Removal collect it.


While it’s not something that you’d normally consider burning, most rubbish, including plastics, will burn. It’s not a good idea to do this yourself, however, with the right facility to filter out toxic gases that are produced during burning, these items can be used as an energy source. While not as great as actual recycling, burning waste is an option that the government is looking into as a waste solution and energy producer.

You’ll Wish that You Had Called Same-Day Rubbish Removal Sooner

There are a heap of reasons that Craigieburn residents love our service, which is why we often find ourselves doing jobs around here. For some customers it’s because of how easy our service is. All you have to do is make a phone call and we do everything else, so it can’t get much easier. Other customers just care about price, and we’re the cheapest around. Some people only care about how fast we can get the job done, and we’ll always come quickly and never let them down. Whatever situation you’re in, our rubbish removal service is going to be the best for your Craigieburn home or business.

All Types of Rubbish, No Matter How Crazy

We’ve seen a lot of junk over the 15+ years that we’ve been doing rubbish removal. Some items have been quite interesting and at times difficult to shift and load into our trucks. However, there’s never actually been a job our team couldn’t handle. With strong and experienced workers and all the right equipment, we can do just about anything. Whether you’ve got large old fridges, freezer, washing machines or dryers, or even if you’ve got huge old furniture items, it’ll be no worries for our team to take away and dispose of for you. Still doubt whether we can help you? Give our team a call and let us know what you need done.

We Service Everywhere South of Craigieburn Too

While we get plenty of work in Craigieburn and Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, there is a lot more rubbish that needs collecting across Melbourne too. We’d never want to compromise on quality, so we’ve got multiple teams and trucks scattered across the city ready to provide super fast service wherever you are. Whether you’re down in Werribee, in Melbourne’s City Centre, in Brighton, or all the way to Portsea, we can come to you. Don’t settle for a second rate solution when you can get a five star service with Same-Day Rubbish Removal — give our friendly and experienced team a call today on 0435 587 877 — we look forward to helping you!


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