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If Your Office or Worksite in Melbourne Has Got a Heap of Rubbish that Needs Removing, You Need to Give Our Friendly and Experienced Team a Call. We’ve Helped Countless Australian Businesses Clean Up and Get Rid of All Their Junk Which has Helped Improve Cleanliness & Productivity.

Offices, shops, restaurants, schools, universities, you name it – most of these businesses generate a lot of waste. Rubbish is unfortunately almost always a by-product of productivity. For most of these companies or institutions, rubbish removal isn’t at the forefront of the minds of those in charge, however, at some point, someone within the business is going to have to deal with it. While there are many solutions out there, such as routine dumpster collections or having employees cart away junk, these options are often not the best use of resources.

Many businesses pay a large amount to have dumpsters and bins on site that often don’t even get half full. For these services, you’d likely pay the same amount regardless of how full they are, and some weeks you’ll be paying for a significant amount of waste allowance that you won’t use and would have been better off paying for bins half the size. A lot of offices and businesses in Melbourne have found the service of Same-Day Rubbish Removal to help them save a heap on their regular waste removal costs. Instead of paying consistently, you only pay us to come and take away your junk when you’re actually in need of it.


Don’t Let a Big Pile of Junk Worry You – We Can Take Away All the Rubbish from Your Business Today

The Same-Day Rubbish Removal team have done a lot of commercial rubbish removal jobs in Melbourne, saving business owners a whole lot of money. Commercial waste comes in a whole heap of forms from old office furniture, e-waste or appliances, to food scraps, paper, cardboard or general old items. Our trucks are capable of taking away huge amounts of junk of any type, so it doesn’t matter what kind of stuff you need to have disposed of from your business, as our team can do the lot.

An added benefit of using our service over a general dumpster service, is that we sort items as we load it into the back of our truck so that we can take everything to the most suitable place for recycling or disposal. We can often save customers money by taking away recyclable material that may have free drop off at the correct facility. Our team have seen so much waste go to landfill over the last 15+ years which is why we try to do everything that we can to dispose of the items that we pick up responsibly. If you’d like to have your office or business junk disposed of quickly, affordably and responsibly, call our friendly team now on 0435 587 877.

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You’ll love our office and commercial rubbish removal service in Melbourne. It’s so important that your workplace is clean, to look good for your customers and provide a better work environment for your team. Get it cleaned up today by giving our experienced team a call.

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Waste Removed Annually
Commercial Cardboard Waste

3 Items We Frequently Remove for Melbourne Businesses


Whether you’re in an office, general business, school, or university environment, there’s always a lot of paper waste generated. Shops and restaurants produce a huge amount of cardboard waste, with everything that gets delivered to them comes in a cardboard box that is emptied and then discarded. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you have more paper or cardboard than your usual waste removal systems can deal with, get the issue resolved promptly by calling our team!


When you have a large number of employees working for you, it is important that they’re all working as efficiently as possible and that there is nothing in the work environment that is hindering their productivity. Broken furniture, old outdated designs, and furniture that just gets in the way can hinder workers in reaching their potential. We can take away any old, unwanted furniture from your school, office, or workplace, just give us a call!


Technology is something that just keeps evolving, making businesses more efficient, and helping maximise business profit or productivity. If you’ve done a system upgrade to make use of the latest and greatest pieces of machinery or equipment, you probably have a heap of old unuseful e-waste left over. Our team are experts when it comes to removing old technology and finding a recycling centre that will be able to make use of it. Give our team a call and we’ll be able to come and take it all away on the same business day.

We’re the Cheapest Business & Office Waste Removal Service in Melbourne

It doesn’t matter what kind of rubbish that you need to have removed from your Melbourne work place, as we’re ready for anything. Whether it is e-waste like computers, keyboards, monitors, faxes or printers, or if you’ve got paper, cardboard, or books. We often take away old furniture like chairs and tables, as well as outdated manufacturing equipment. There has never been a business with rubbish that our team couldn’t take away, and we’ve been doing this for over 15 years. Whatever it is you have, we’ll make light work of it!

Commercial Waste Removal in All Melbourne Areas

Our team are ready to help you anywhere in Melbourne, whatever suburb you’re located in. Most of the office rubbish jobs we attend are in Melbourne’s CBD, but we also get called out to businesses, schools and universities right across the city. Whether you’re in an inner city area like Southbank or Carlton, or if you’re needing our service in Werribee in the West or Dandenong in the East, we can come to you promptly. If you consider yourself to live or work in Melbourne, then we can help you! Just give our friendly team a call on 0435 587 877 to receive an affordable commercial rubbish removal quote.


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