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Our Team Specialise in Removing Anything and Everything that Your Curbside Bin Can’t Handle. Logs, Branches, Bricks, Rocks, Sheds or Anything Else that You No Longer Want in Your Yard.

Green waste and general garden rubbish are both things that the team at Same-Day Rubbish Removal has dealt a lot with over the past 15 years in business. While rubbish can easily accumulate, it generally doesn’t grow – except for green waste. It’s quite amazing how plants can keep growing back despite half destroying them! Whether you’ve got a lot of weeds, or just fast growing trees that need regular pruning, it can be really easy to fill up your green bin and still have a heap of greenwaste left over. If you’ve got a heap of green waste that you’d like to get rid of, give us a call and we’ll have it removed from your melbourne home promptly.

Garden waste can refer to a whole lot of things, not just plants. If you’ve done some landscaping recently, you’ll know how much stuff can pile up as rubbish. You may have a heap of old pavers to get rid of, taken down an old garden shed, garden ornaments, garden beds, you name it — we can take it! Our trucks have a huge capacity and can take away a heap of stuff. Our prices are the best in Melbourne, as you only pay for the amount of stuff we take, not for the size of our truck.


Don’t Lose Sleep Over a Messy Yard, Call Our Friendly and Experienced Team for Fast Garden Waste Removal.

There are plenty of reasons why you may need help in disposing of junk from around your home. There can be all sorts of things you may find in your garden that aren’t easy to pick up and put in the bin. A common item that we collect from homes is large rocks that can’t easily be lifted alone. When doing major landscaping work, you may have dug up large stumps, demolished structures, taken apart garden beds, updated retaining walls, the list goes on! All of these scenarios can produce significant amounts of waste that you’ll have to deal with in some way.

Our team are able to go around and collect all the things that you direct us to and load them into our truck. For a faster service (usually cheaper too), creating a pile near where our truck will be able to access is helpful. You’re not going to find a hand loaded green waste removal service as convenient or affordable as ours, so there’s no need to wait. You can have your yard cleaned up today by simply giving our friendly team a call. Go on, pick up your phone and call us now on 0435 587 877.

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You’ll love our garden and green waste removal service. We’ll be able to have your yard cleaned up and looking amazing, you just need to give our team a call.

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3 Garden Waste Items We Frequently Collect


One of the most problematic items many people will find in their backyard is large stones, and bricks from retaining walls or old pavement. There always seems to be leftovers when landscaping and to avoid having an eye sore in your garden, you probably want to remove the unwanted rocks or pavers. These can’t go in your curbside bin and don’t do great things to your car. We can take away anything you want, no matter how heavy it is!


If you’ve had a tree cut down, pruned, or a stump dug out, it can be hard to know what to do with all the green waste, particularly the heavy stuff that isn’t going to fit in your green bin. Our trucks have a huge capacity and can usually remove multiple trees in one go. We don’t cut them down for you, but we can take them for you away promptly. Contact our friendly team today.


Not everything you find in your backyard is natural. When old furniture or appliances become redundant they often get moved to the garage or shed, and when they’ve collected enough dust and rusted in there, they may get moved outdoors. If you’d like to finally dispose of all your non organic waste from your garden, our team can take it away for you affordably and quickly.

We Offer the Best Value Green Waste Removal in Melbourne

Our friendly and experienced rubbish removal team can take awa any kind of hard rubbish you can imagine. Not only do we remove anything that you can find in your backyard, we can remove any other large items from your home like couches, lounges, washing machines and fridges. Get your place cleaned up and junk free, by saying hello to our team and goodbye to your green waste and garden junk.

Clean Up Your Environment the Environmentally Friendly Way

When Same-Day Rubbish Removal take away junk from your Melbourne home or business, you can be sure that we’re not going dispose of it irresponsibly like some services may. We try to make sure that whatever can be recycled gets recycled, or if it can be reused (like bricks and rocks), we’ll make sure that it finds a new home. Whatever it is that you have in your yard that you need cleaned up and taken away, we are the people you need, so give us a call today.


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