Fast, Easy and Affordable Broken/Old Furniture Disposal in Melbourne

If You’ve Got Old or Broken Furniture at Your Home or Business in Melbourne that You’d Like to Dispose of, You Need Same-Day Rubbish Removal. Our Experienced Team Specialise in Doing Difficult Rubbish Removal Jobs. Broken Furniture Often Won’t Fit in Your Curbside Bin, Which is Why Customers Love Our Service.

Furniture just isn’t made how it used to be. Almost all of the furniture that we take away from Melbourne homes for disposal isn’t that old. It has just been made with cheap materials that don’t last as long as solid hardwood timber. While there are these disadvantages of cheap furniture, there are also plenty of advantages. Cheaper furniture is usually lighter and easier to move around, so it can save a lot of effort when purchasing new items and shifting them in your house. The biggest issue however, is the environmental cost.

Our team hate seeing rubbish, particularly relatively good pieces of furniture, go to waste. For this reason, our old furniture disposal service usually involves recycling. When our team go to dispose of old tables and chairs, a chest of drawers, or other broken furniture, we separate items as we load them into our truck so that we can easily drop them at a recycling centre who can make use of the various materials in the broken furniture. Making use of recycling systems like this is the best system because not only does it contribute to saving the environment from having more waste put into it, it can save you money too.


Don’t Let Old, Bulky, Broken Furniture Bother You Anymore. We Can Do All the Heavy Lifting, Shifting and Disposal for You.

Our team of highly efficient rubbish removal experts are removing old furniture from Melbourne homes every day and taking it away for recycling. In 15+ years of serving Australian residents with a fast, cheap and affordable rubbish removal service, there has never been a piece of furniture that has been too hard for our team to handle. We’ve collected all sorts of things from small tv cabinets, to full kitchen strip outs with large tables, chairs, etc. The huge capacity of our trucks means we can usually collect everything in one go, and if not, we’ll return to finish off right away.

Some of the bulkiest and most difficult to remove items include wardrobes, lounge suites, and bed frames, as these items can be difficult to pull apart but almost impossible to fit through doorways, etc. We’ve taken huge items out of multi level buildings, as it’s all part of our job. If you’ve got a large item that you don’t think our team will be able to handle, you need to pick up your phone and call our team for a quote. Chances are we’ll have done something much harder before and we’ll be able to give you a great value quote that you won’t be able to refuse.

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You can save a heap of effort and stress having us dispose of your furniture in Melbourne. There’s nothing more bothersome than having old, broken furniture cluttering up your home or business. It can be difficult to remove and is often an unnecessary burden, as our team can easily take it away for you.

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3 Common Articles of Furniture We Dispose of in Melbourne


While dining tables and chairs should be expected to last many, many years, you would be surprised to see just how many our team pick up and dispose of. A solid hardwood table and set of chairs should be able to last a lifetime, and often do, you may just want to have the chairs reupholstered. However, many people prefer to buy a cheap mdf/chipboard set that look fashionable for a few years and when they’re worn out and no good, replace them with a new cheap set that matches the new trends. If you prefer modern furniture like this, you need to have us take your old ones away for recycling.


Bedrooms are often the most furnished rooms in the house. You can have a bed frame, and mattress, tallboy/chest of drawers, wardrobe, side tables, dressing tables, and even an armchair. While we definitely dispose of more beds and mattresses than any of the other items, since they are used the most, we do collect plenty of other bedroom furnishings as well. All of these items can be quite heavy and difficult to shift, and most won’t be able to fit into your curbside bin without some serious dismantling, so let our team do it for you.


Our team do collect more indoor furniture than outdoor furniture, but that is only because most people have way more furniture inside their home. Outdoor furniture tends to wear out really quick compared to indoor furniture due to extra exposure to the elements, whether that is all day sun, frequent wet weather, or any other reason such as animals also making use of it. Whether it is an outdoor table and set of chairs, outdoor couch, hanging chairs, egg chairs, swing seats, or anything else that you’d like to have removed from your home, give us a call.

We’re the Cheapest Furniture Disposal Service in Melbourne

Same-Day Rubbish Removal has been operating for many years in the waste disposal industry, and we’ve found that furniture can be the most difficult item for people to dispose of themselves. We’ve collected all sorts of things from Melbourne homes including all types of furniture, white goods, appliances, green waste, you name it! Whatever it is that you have that is bothering you enough to find our rubbish removal service, we are sure that you’ll be so glad once you have given us a call and we’ve got the job done.

Fast & Affordable Furniture Disposal in All Melbourne Areas

Not only can we take away any type of rubbish from your home, but we can do so from wherever you are situated in Melbourne. Our team frequently do jobs in all outer corners of Melbourne, right into the central city suburbs. Whether you’re in Werribee in the West and have a coffee table that needs to be taken away, or you’re somewhere in the Yarra Ranges and need to get rid of some couches, we can do that too. Whatever you’ve got, give our friendly team a call now on  0435 587 877 for a free quote and assurance that we’ll be able to get the job done. We look forward to hearing from you!


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