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If You Have Large Items to Remove Like Old Washing Machines or Dryers, You Need Same-Day Rubbish Removal. Our Service is Sure to Save You Time, Money and Stress. Call Now for a Free Quote:

At Same-Day Rubbish Removal, we work hard to offer the ultimate rubbish removal service for items that won’t fit into your curbside bin. This includes washing machines and clothes dryers which are just a bit too big to fit in. It’s not a service you need every day, but the majority of Melbourne residents need a service like this at least once a year, and multiply that by 4.5 million of them and you can see why our team keep busy! We work fast so that we can get more jobs done and offer better prices.

There are many reasons why your clothes dryer or washing machine may have stopped working, and unfortunately it happens a lot more than we think it should. White goods like these just aren’t made with the same quality that they used to be. You’d be shocked to see how many washing machines we dispose of. In many homes these are used every day, so they do get a fair amount of use, but we believe they should be built with quality in mind – not profit!


Don’t Lose Sleep Over Washing Machine or Clothes Dryer Removal, Call Our Friendly and Experienced Team for Stress-Free Melbourne Service.

Unfortunately, there are no appliances or white goods that last forever, and washing machines are some of the worst for breaking down regularly. While fridges and freezers take their fair share of break downs and problems, washing machines and dryers have significantly more moving parts which are susceptible to breaks after a few years of wear and tear. It may not even take a year before a new clothes dryer or washing machine starts to make new unhealthy sounds. Whether you have a front loader or top loader, there are also other problems like leaking that can be an issue.

While front loading washing machines aren’t quite as heavy as some other types of white goods, they’re not always easy to fit into your car for you to take away and dispose of. If you’ve got a top loader washing machine, you’ve got no chance of fitting it on your back seat or in your boot. It doesn’t matter how big or how many washing machines or dryers you have when you call Same-Day Rubbish Removal. Our trucks have a huge capacity and can take anything away for you. We do all the heavy lifting too so you can have an easy, stress free experience. Call us now on 0435 587 877.

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You won’t find a better value washing machine removal service. Broken front loaders, top loaders, and clothes dryers are just some of the many inconveniently large junk items we can dispose of.

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3 Common Washing Machine Problems


It’s not uncommon for washing machines and clothes dryers these days to have mini computers built into them and be the main point of control for the machine. If the average computer only lasts around 4 years, we can’t expect these mini (probably quite cheap) computers to last longer. If your washing machine won’t turn on or it plays strange tricks on you, it’s likely an electrical problem.


It’s likely you’ve faced a serious mechanical issue at some point in your life. With washing machines and clothes dryers, it’s not uncommon for something to come loose or something else not work properly. Whether it doesn’t spin at all, the clothes don’t dry out very well, or there’s leaking water, you’ve got a mechanical problem. Unfortunately these can be quite expensive to fix, if they can be at all.


If your washing machine doesn’t drain properly or it’s in a humid, shady area, stagnant water or moist surfaces can cause other problems. It’s quite common to see mould growing on the seal of front load washing machines, and it’s likely that there’s a lot more that you can’t see. If your washing machine also smells, it is a good idea to give it a thorough flush out and try and clean up what you can.

The #1 Washing Machine & Clothes Dryer Removal Service in Melbourne

There is literally no easier way to have your washing machine removed than by having our friendly and experienced team come and take it away for you. We travel around Melbourne picking up large and heavy items like clothes dryers every day and loading them into our trucks for disposal. It doesn’t matter what kind of item you have that needs to be disposed of, our team can help you out. We’ve never had a job that is too hard for us, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help.

We Don’t Like to See Rubbish Wasted

There’s nothing we hate more than having to take rubbish to a disposal centre where we know it is going to end up in landfill. We wish everything could be recycled, and whenever possible we make sure that it happens. If you’re handy with mechanical items or are a bit of an artist, there may be things that you can do with your old washing machine or dryer. If not, give our friendly and experienced Melbourne team a call today and we’ll make sure your old items are taken for recycling.


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